Moviprep® for video endoscopy – please read before dispensing!

Please find below information from UHNM Video Endoscopy Department re dispensing of Moviprep® in community pharmacy – if you receive a prescription marked “As directed” please check with patient or prescriber what the intended use is.

From: UHNM Video Endoscopy Department and UHNM Pharmacy Department

Patients undergoing a video endoscopy at UHNM are prescribed Moviprep® 1 litre (i.e. 1 x sachet A and 1 x sachet B ) the night before their procedure.
Most patients have Moviprep® dispensed at UHNM, but some patients choose to have their prescription dispensed in a community pharmacy instead.
The UHNM Video Endoscopy Department and UHNM Pharmacy Department has received reports of patients who had Moviprep® dispensed in community pharmacies taking Moviprep® 2 litres (2 x sachet A and 2 x sachet B) instead of Moviprep® 1 litre.
In future, Video Endoscopy prescriptions for Moviprep® will be prescribed as below:
“Take ONE pair of sachets (consisting of one sachet A & one sachet B) on the evening prior to the procedure as directed by the Video Capsule Endoscopy Department. Discard the remaining pair of sachets
Supply: Moviprep 2 sachets x A, and 2 sachets of B.”
Can all community pharmacies please ensure that Video Endoscopy Moviprep® prescriptions are labelled as above, with the dispensing label clearly stating that the remaining pair of sachets should be discarded, and counsel patients accordingly.
If you require any further information, please contact:
Sister Faye Baldwin Lead Video Capsule Specialist Nurse, County Hospital, UHNM (01785 230508 /
07801540345), or
The UHNM Medicines Information Service (01782 674537)

Thank you
Xin Wei Tan, Secondary/Primary Care Interface Pharmacist, UHNM