New drug/alcohol treatment contracts in Staffordshire


Message from Tony Bullock at Staffs County Council – affects all pharmacies currently signed up to OneRecovery services… 

  • A new contract for drug and alcohol services will commence on April 1st 2020, in Staffordshire (not including Stoke on Trent).


  • Humankind, a charity (, have been awarded a contract of between 4 and 7 years and will sub-contract some service to the Burton Addiction Centre (BAC) and other organisations, to be confirmed.


  • The new contract replaces all current drug/alcohol contracts; including adult and young people’s services (both community and residential).


  • The new services will be called the Staffordshire Treatment And Recovery Service (STARS), replacing current agreements with One Recovery (ADS – Addiction and Dependency Solutions) and T3 (CGL – Change Grow Live).


  • Transition arrangements are already underway. A key priority is to minimise disruption in the short-term.  It is anticipated that most staff will remain in post (transferring across contractors under TUPE regulations) and most of the current buildings will be retained.


  • Precise details about buildings, contact details (phone numbers/ email addresses) and referral processes will be confirmed in the coming weeks. In the meantime, current details and processes remain unchanged.


  • The contract represents an exciting period for treatment services in the county. Resources are being redirected to ensure that more people can receive treatment and quality will improve through closer integration between the different parts of the care pathway.


  • Any queries in the first instance should be directed to Tony Bullock (details below).

The letter can be downloaded as a PDH here but the content is the same as that on this news item.


Tony Bullock | Lead Commissioner – Public Health Commissioning
Public Health, Health and Care DirectoratePost: Staffordshire Place 2, Tipping Street, Stafford, ST16 2DH

: (01785) 276649