Palliative Care Service

April 2021 – new SLA released

NHSE&I have released the new 2021022 SLA for the palliative care service.  This service is currently running in selected pharmacies and NHSE&I are NOT looking for any new sites at this time.

All pharmacies currently offering the Staffordshire Palliative Care Service need to download this new SLA and, if they wish to continue providing the service, send the signature page to

Please note, those working in multiples will need to forward this SLA to your head office for signature.

Palliative Care SLA Staffordshire 010421 FINAL V1


Palliative Care Pharmacies

Please check the attached document.  Those pharmacies offering this service will have a tick in the relevant column on the spreadsheet.

Palliative Care Pharmacies Staffordshire May 2021

If you do signpost someone to one of these pharmacies, please call them first to confirm stocks are available.

The supply of palliative care medicines is not limited to these pharmacies however they are commissioned to keep a minimum stock of the medicines concerned; the list of medicines covered appears on page 8 of the SLA and can be downloaded by using the link below.

Staffordshire Stock List Palliative Care April 2020 Covid Update

Service Aims

The aim of the service is to support anticipatory prescribing and allow rapid access to medicines commonly prescribed in palliative care, to enable a greater percentage of patients to have a home death, rather than to be moved to an institution such as hospital. By establishing a network of pharmacies that will routinely hold stock of the main End of Life medicines, carers and other health care professionals should not experience delays in obtaining these medicines for the patients that they are caring for.


other useful resources can be found below;

At a Glance Guide to Prescribing Analgesics for Non-Malignant Chronic Pain

Guideline for the use of symptom control west mids pal care physicians

Palliative care medicines review summary[1]



There is a similar service in Shropshire with a slightly different stock list.  If you are on the Staffordshire / Shropshire border this list of Shropshire pharmacies may also be useful

Palliative Care Service Pharmacies Shropshire May 2021

Shropshire Palliative Care Drug List