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New EHC Contract and PGDs June 2020

Stoke on Trent City Council has released the new service spec and PGDs for the pharmacy emergency hormonal contraception service.  The major change is that there are no longer two tiers to the service, all pharmacies who sign the new contract will be able to supply EHC (when deemed appropriate following a professional consultation) to woman of all ages.

Below is a letter from the council, along with the new SLA and the PGDs with associated signature sheets.

Pharmacy Letter June 2020

Final EHC Agreement 2020

Levonorgestrel 1500mcg PGD 2020 Final

Levonorgestrel PGD Signature Sheet 2020-2021

Ulipristal Acetate 30mg PGD 2020 Final

Ulipristal PGD Signature Sheet 2020-2021

Time Sensitive – Urgent Action required: Please READ all of the above documents and if you wish to offer the service you need to sign the SLA and follow the instructions in the pharmacy letter about who to send the letter back to.

Covid -19 Service Adjustment

Pharmacists are now able to use their discretion and carry out telephone consultations for the EHC service:

Covid19 EHC PGD Letter SoTCC Final 3Apr20 EHC


September 2018: Important message for Stoke pharmacies about requesting sexual health service resources

If you are requesting resources, please do this only via the Sexual Health Prevention Team.

For all orders regarding C-Card resources and other sexual health service leaflets, orders will only be processed if they are placed directly with the Sexual Health Prevention Team. If you ask a third party to place an order for you it will not be processed.

To order resources:

Email: or Call: 0300 123 0970

C-Card paperwork must be returned on a monthly basis.  Please email or post all C-Card distribution forms to our C-Card administrator, Kay Law: either by email to or post to The Piccadilly Centre, 57-59 Piccadilly, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, ST1 1HR

If you have any additional questions regarding sexual health resources, please call the sexual health information line on 0300 123 0970


EHC Service Pharmacy Information up to 30.6.2020

List of EHC Pharmacies Tier 1 and Tier 2

Old PGDs 2018 – 20

2018 PGD – Levonorgestrel

2018 PGD – Ulipristal

Levonorgestrel (LNG) can be supplied for clients presenting up to 72 hours post UPSI.  UPA can be supplied for those presenting from 72-120 hours post UPSI and also for clients who present mid-cycle so long as they present within 120 hours of UPSI.

For clients who weigh more than 70Kg or have a BMI over 26 kg/m2 you are able to supply UPA as first line treatment, however, if UPA is contraindicated, the PGD allows you to supply 3mg of LNG (two 1.5mg tablets as a single dose).

For those clients requesting LNG while taking (or within 4 weeks of stopping) an enzyme inducing drug you may supply 3mg of LNG (two 1.5mg tablets as a single dose).

PharmOutcomes has been developed as a live recording tool and we strongly suggest that you record consultations on the system as you carry them out.  This has many advantages – you are always using the most up to date version of the service spec as the module is linked to the SLA and the latest versions of the PGDs.  This is the most professional approach, patients are used to clinicians making notes on the computer during the consultation, plus, you don’t end up with a backlog of paperwork to enter onto the system with the subsequent risk of missing the deadline and losing payment for the service.  For those who are unable to record the consultation live, the ProForma has also been updated to match the new modules and it can be downloaded either here on the LPC website or from within the new PharmOutcomes module.

If you use the paper form you MUST add the information to PharmOutcomes in a timely manner.

SLA April 2017 to 2020

EHC service spec Tier2 April2017to20

EHC service spec Tier1 April2017to20

EHC Confidentiality Statement

Appendix Fraser competence


Powerpoints from safeguarding event

Pharmacies safeguarding talk  please watch this video which shows how healthcare professionals such as pharmacists can spot a vulnerable person in relation to sexually exploitation.


Safeguarding Issues:

Please see safeguarding information here

PharmOutcomes Module:

To enter information on an EHC consultation: 

EHC Registration  (requires name, DOB, address etc)  – complete the first time any client accesses the EHC service in Stoke.

EHC Consultation and Supply – complete for all clients, covers inclusion and exclusion criteria etc.  You will then also record information on any medication supplied

Ideally you will record the consultation live while the client is present, otherwise please use the new paper pro forma (see link further down this webpage).  Where a paper record is used you must enter all of the details onto PharmOutcomes ASAP after the consultation. 

Sexual Health Contract: 

Please read this whole page as it contains information on the service including service spec and PGDs, how to be accredited, recording and claims process. 

PGDs: You need to print out these PGDs and all pharmacists delivering the EHC service in your pharmacy need to sign and date it and keep the copy in your pharmacy.
The service must be delivered in-line with the service spec

Stoke on Trent Service Claims

Claims for all EHC consultations must be claimed via PharmOutcomes or they will not be paid.

You can complete the consultations with a live connection to PharmOutcomes, in which case you do not need a paper form.  However, if you do not have a live link while delivering an EHC consultation please print out a copy of the Proforma from the link below.  This form mirrors the PharmOutcomes modules so when you use this form for consultations you can be confident you will have all of the information you need to enter onto PharmOutcomes to record and claim your consultation and supply.

EHC PharmOutcomes Proforma Stoke on Trent


IMPORTANT INFO – Declaration Of Competence – You are not being asked to retrain or re-sit any e-assessments, this is simply a new way of recording your training (both CPPPE and non CPPE training goes on to the DoC). The enrolment questions on PharmOutcomes require you to confirm that you have completed a CPPE Declaration of Competence (DoC) and information on how to do this can be found on the LPC website at

DoC is the new way for pharmacy professionals to record that they meet accreditation criteria for service provision and can be printed and signed in advance of your first service provision – this will speed up the process when you first use PharmOutcomes to record EHC. To do this – Log on to PharmOutcomes and select the EHC Stage 1 Consultation Module. The first question asks the pharmacists name and then you need to click on the “enrol me” button. Follow the on screen instructions to enrol as a pharmacist provider.

Confidential Service – Patient Data Recording Requirements:

You are supplying a POM medicine to a patient and the PGD requires you to record the supply and also encourages use of PMR. The service is confidential but is not anonymous; you need to have accurate clinical records for individuals who are accessing the EHC service.

You are required to enter patient’s name, D.O.B and post-code onto PharmOutcomes, this information is used to link the patient registration and EHC consultation and supply modules. Please be aware that this information will NOT be shared with commissioners so the service remains completely confidential (any report sent to commissioner uses patient initials only).

Recording Consultations – 3 actions to complete per client:

You can continue to use the Pro-Forma and add the info to PharmOutcomes as soon as possible afterwards or you can input the info directly into the PharmOutcomes system.

  • Every patient you see in your pharmacy needs to be registered on PharmOutcomes
  • EHC Stage 1 – Consultation: In this module enter details of the consultation and if the client is eligible for EHC provision you will then go on to complete the final module.
  • EHC Stage 2 – LNG 1500mg Supply or EHC Stage 2 – UPA 30mg Supply: You must select the module appropriate to the drug to be supplied and complete this final stage to record details of the supply.

Service Payments: will continue as before i.e. quarterly in arrears, you will not be required to submit any claim forms as PharmOutcomes will automatically generate these for all saved consultations and supplies.

Contact LPC for questions about the service on PharmOutcomes and for password reset:    

Yours sincerely

Gill Hall (Service Development Officer South Staffs LPC)

PharmOutcomes also has a helpdesk: 01983 216699 or contact via their website



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