PharmOutcomes Help

An LPC guide to using PharmOutcomes – read the hints and tips and view our “How To” Videos

What is PharmOutcomes?

PharmOutcomes is an online platform which is available to every community pharmacy in Staffordshire and Shropshire – it is used for  recording service provision for some Advanced services (such as flu-jabs and NUMSAS) and for our Locally Commissioned services (such as all Pharmacy First Services, EHC, etc).

Recording on PharmOutcomes should ideally be done live while you talk to the patient, you can record the consultation on the system with a live connection to a computer, laptop or tablet in the consultation room.

This has many advantages, firstly you are always using the most up to date version of the service and it is linked to the current PGDs so that you can be sure you are supplying the correct medication.  In addition, the system sends GP notifications when you supply a POM under a PGD and you can be sure that the practice notification will be sent as soon as you save the information.  So this system allows us to provide a professional service to patients and supply information to their GP in a timely manner.

All consultations saved on your PharmOutcomes are automatically added to your service invoice which is generated either monthly / quarterly as per the service commissioner’s instructions and sent to the appropriate person at the commissioners accounts department.


How do we use PharmOutcomes in my pharmacy?

We are frequently asked at the LPC for help with using PharmOutcomes and have now developed a series of YouTube videos where we show you how to log on to the system and how the various services are saved on there.

What about locums and relief pharmacists?

These videos explain the system and should be invaluable for the whole pharmacy team, including your locums and any relief pharmacists who come to work in your pharmacy.  It is especially important as service specs now state that services should be offered over all of the hours your pharmacy is open and so it is important that all pharmacists know about the services and how to deliver and record their interactions.

Simply click on the screenshots below to take you to the relevant video clips.

This YouTube channel is a new project for your LPC and we are still developing more videos, please check in regularly for the latest versions and for new PharmOutcomes videos as the service level agreements are updated and we record new information for you.

How to Log on

What Can I do from the Services Tab?

How do I record the Pharmacy First Common Ailments Service?


How do I record the Pharmacy First UTI & Impetigo Services?

How do I record the Staffordshire EHC Service?

Please note: this video shows the Staffordshire EHC service, there are slightly different versions for Stoke on Trent, Shropshire and Telford and Wrekin areas but the principle is the same for each of these Local Authority Public Health Areas.

How do I record information about my NHSE directed Public Health Campaigns?